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Taji village : Top village of kispang

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“Mother and motherland are greater than heaven” (जननी जन्मभूमिष्च स्वर्गादपि गरियसि) This slogan reflects how much we love our motherland , our soil, our mother , our birthplace and our country. Everyone love their birthplace and returned to thier own birthplace where ever they go. The picture / photography I display to you is my birthdayplace Taji village.

This village is located in northern part of Nuwakot district at the altitude of 1900m and best place to stay, viewing the scenery , nightview , hiking etc that’s why this place is like nature gifted place . It is in kispang rural municipality,2 Fikuri, Nuwakot. What you can get here is you can find Tamang culture as it is full of Tamang community, fresh cool air blowing everytime, best view of trishuli Bazar, historic Nuwakot durbar , also kathmandu from some point, lamtang view and best sunrises and sunsets view. This place is rich in natural beauty but misfortune this place is unexplore , least develop . In addition, this place is famous for football sports. Every youth of this place loved football . There is good hospitality to every guest in this place . We respect each and every guest.

One best thing to mention is this village is way to reach Fikuri . Fikuri is place with religious faith located at height of 3800m and also know as highest altitude best trekking , hiking, campaign, scenery viewing, mountain viewing , sunrise sunset view place . The way to this place is fully cover with green forest rich in natural herbs , birds and animals too . As a nature lover it’s would be the best adventure to travel here.

After all , nature has given the best gift and add beauty to our place we also should have a responsibility to preserve them, pay them back . As a responsible , educated person we have to look them carefully . We should not harm them . As time changes development need to happen but we have to plan our development work longlast without hampering our nature because it is esay to destroy anything but hard and consume more time to make same. If we destroy nature we have to suffer through different natural calamities like flood, drought, landslide etc. Also destroying nature like forest results into destroying of wild animals lives, extinct of rare animals , etc. To protect our environment we should aware people, make habits of plantation , stop deforestation and doing illegal business of wood , use natural resources wisely and properly and stop hunting wild animals illegal. Hence we need to learn to live in diversity.

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